Visiting fort Vijfhuizen, I took a look through the immense periscope that is positioned just in front of a dike that lies along the defensive structure. Not having seen the fort yet, but knowing that I would be able to see it looking in that direction over the natural wall, and knowing what a fort looked like, I was still quite startled.

Periscope looking over the grassy dike at fort Vijfhuizen.

I couldn’t interpret what I was seeing: grass, a bit of a wall with small chimney pipes… the abrupt cut in the green landscape by the vertical wall made me think for a second that the top of the dike was the normal height of the land with the brickwork marking a sudden deep hole, hidden in the grass plain. I pulled my head away quickly, deciding that I saw the top of the fort that I was so close to. But the real outlay of the building only made sense to me when I climbed up and observed it in totality.