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Best before: date

This Dutch documentary questions popular notions of beauty. Do women stop being interesting after a certain age? What can they do to reverse this proces? Should they take action?

Especially interesting are the answers people give to the question: “what is beauty?” Notions of beautiful and normal are mixing, into a situation in the standards go up and only the pretty are considered ‘normal’.

Picture taken from

Best Before documentary

On the news: The US Senate passed a law that will reform Wall Street to protect the economy for further crises. Did anyone notice that on the video footage portraying the stock exchange building you see construction workers redoing the road? Are these actual images or do they come from an archive? If they are live, this is a peculiar coincidence: Wall Street is being reformed literally and figuratively.

Wall Street road sign.

Today’s GATE symposium featured two interesting projects that can speed up the design process of simulations:

From sketch to virtual worlds by Rafael Bidarra from Delft University of Technology:

Animating virtual characters based on foot placement by Ben van Basten and Arjan Egges from Utrecht University.

Not so much fun: rejoicing cheers come in through the open balcony door as I witness the registration of a throw in on my television during the match Brazil – The Netherlands. What happened? Correction: What will happen? Answer: a goal on our side that the celebrators saw seconds before me because they were watching the soccer match through cable television.

The visual advantages of digital TV don’t seem to win from liveness at this summer’s collective national television moments. Watching digital transforms my living room into another time space. One that is interrupted by the broadcasting reality of an older technology. Realities that can be switched between and that are both live in the sense of their ongoing showing of sport images. Realities that are both delayed in their transfer from South Africa, but choosing the one that is closest to the live reality pays.

Second goal, seen by me in real cable time.

This evening was one of goodbyes as Setup hosted its final party to celebrate their three months try-out. They expect to return in the beginning of 2011.

ABN AMRO door stamp.

Because of the nice weather, every visitor received a stamp before entering to prove the guest list check at a return from a refreshing outdoor chat. And the stamp came from a rare gadget, probably found in one of the left desks of the building’s former inhabitants: it stained the address of the ABN AMRO bank on your arm. An ink bread crumb to find our way back to the party: this evening and in Setup’s future.

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