I was in for a couple of surprises when I went on a whale cruise at Port Macquarie. First flashed through my mind the thought that I had seen these animals before. Then it hit me that it was still quite bizarre to see them for real and indeed from up close. Next I was entertained by the captain who was very well trained in giving us tourist our money’s worth. He was skilled in counting down the seconds that a whale would stay under water before coming up for a stunning bridge: a jump out of the water. Good pictures guaranteed and I suddenly understood why I had seen so many good pictures of the big mammals in my life. It does not require a professional photographer to take one.

Humpback whale at Port Macquarie.

Practicing my aim while glancing over my camera to get the best moment, I was practiced enough to take one of my own after two or three bridges. Satisfied, I resolved to turning my camera off, to enjoy the movement of our small boat on the sea waves, the splatters of the salty water and the sight of nature in front of my eyes. It was a little amusing to see the other passengers still glued to their screens. This amusement turned into surprise when my friend who had not parted with her camera either, asked me to send her my picture because she did not get one good shot!