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Today, my friend from Geneva told me about cooperative farming in Switzerland. In a country where organic food is not widely available cooperative farms offer a chance to purchase local, organically grown food. And not only that, farmers and consumers are connected. Buyers have a share in the company and are expected to help on the land for four half days a year. An example is “les jardins de Cocagne”.

Vegetables by LollyKnit on

Cooperative farming is known as CSA: Community-supported agriculture.

The Netherlands is also familiar with this form of community farming, involving consumers in different forms. An example close to my home is Amelis’Hof. They have subsciptions on weekly vegetable bags and offer voluntary work for people in a care program.

Great concept, great execution: Air swimmers. These toys are developed by William Mark Corp.

Cover of first Vega magazine from

Cover of the first Vega magazine.

Question: what does this magazine teach us about the concern raised in the documentary Beperkt Houdbaar that publications have to express a certain ideal of beauty and consumerism to attract advertisers?

The Danish shop Tiger came to the Netherlands! It sells a lot of stuff you (don’t) need with clever and colourful designs for round prices. In Danish “tiger” is the name of a ten crowns coin.

Picture taken by Arjan van Hooff at Oudegracht Utrecht

Take someone’s toy on a trip and photograph it with your analogue camera. That was the objective of the analogue summer project. The expo took place on a sunny autumn day in the very centre of Utrecht in a cellar under an ancient bridge. Pleasant extra: souvenirs and soundtracks on walkman accompanied you while admiring the results.

Picture taken from

The photographed objects.

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