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Creationary is one of LEGO’s new games. It is a Pictionary game in which you build instead of draw. Playing against children or against adults was a totally different experience!

Lego's creationary

Creationary in the box.

Start with the easiest levels, keeping the best for last
Take pleasure from the build, even if their subject is not guessed correctly
Change teams or continue alone once team members leave
Did not notice that the adults forgot to award points to successful builders, proud as they were when their subject was guessed.

Go for the higher levels, to challenge others and earn themselves more points
Get frustrated when their subject is guessed too fast
Are so concentrated on building that they do not hear correct guesses
Want to practice before playing to learn how to produce sophisticated builds
Discussed changing the rules to make the game more fair/fun

The perfect holiday gift: The Boardgame Remix Kit.

“The Boardgame Remix Kit uses four boardgames we’ve all got and remixes them to create 25 exciting new games, tweaks and mash-ups.”

Picture taken from

eBook, Book, Cards or App by Hide&Seek

Made by Hide&Seek.

Eyecandy on Monobanda’s new website:

Fonn from Monobanda on Vimeo.

Bohm Teaser from Monobanda on Vimeo.

Their Mimicry game shares characteristics with Animaatje as a sandbox game.

The “a Christmas present for you” networking event worked out great! Utrecht Network organised this opportunity for freelancers to receive a present of their own. The Christmas present or “hamper” is something Dutch employees usually get from their boss before the Holidays, as a thank you for the hard work of that year (promoted by a advantageous tax rule). Being their own employer, freelancers miss out.

Those hungry for a box filled with goodies came to Huis aan de Werf to have a chat, some soup and to exchange their home-made present with someone else.

Picture taken by myself.
Picture taken by myself.

Top: my mystery box.
Bottom: Festive surprise in return.

I was spoiled by a poetress/marketing advisor who gave me her box filled with delicious food sprinkled with short, feel-good poems. Thank you so much!

Business cards according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

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Green business cards by Studio Mosgroen.

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