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Do toys become more fun as you make them smaller? Yes, they do! And cuter too, as this nanoblock alpaca illustrates.

Picture taken by me.

Take note of the pen in the foreground for size.

This accommodation in the series on outstanding places to sleep was not spotted by me, but by a user of the website Map Your Mind. The tree house in Groenekan, The Netherlands:

Picture taken from website Tussen Hemel en Aarde.

Tree house at camp site Tussen Hemel en Aarde.

This accommodation can be rented at camp site Tussen Hemel en Aarde.

Discover special places in Utrecht on Or create a map to share your own.

Screenshot from Map Your Mind website.

Users post their personal collage maps of Utrecht.

This personal mapping was popular by the Situationist International in the 1960’s.

Initiator of the website Sanne Kwak, however, has been inspired by urban planner Kevin Lynch‘s ‘mental maps’. His book “The image of the city” (1960) inspired people to regard cities in a more personal way.

The visual inspiration, she writes, comes from the drawings of Dutch artist Jan Rothuizen:

Drawing by Jan Rothuizen.

Leaf through the drawings of "The soft atlas" on Jan Rothuizen's homepage.

With a new phone comes a new sleeve cover. And this foxy design came with a very personal touch from the webshop I ordered from: A postcard I can send to friends, a small tag “love from Larie” and a handwritten note to thank me for my order.

How can I resist returning to their shop to thank them in return?

Picture taken by me.

Personal mail from

Came across this design blog by Jeannie Huang which is perfect to add some inspiration. Today featuring storytelling Matryoshka, but there is more:

Picture taken from

20 January: Little Red Riding Hood Matryoshka by Pistacchi Design.

Picture taken from

18 November: Roller Coaster of Stairs by Ulrich Genth and Heike Mutter)

Picture taken from

11 October: Make moustaches and eyebrows on your clothes with Mr. Button by John Caswell.

Picture taken from

5 January: Builders of Tomorrow by LEGO.

We chose wood not because it’s different, not because it’s sustainable, but simply because we believe its engineering properties suit the requirements of most bicycle applications better than any other material – Renovo Bikes

Picture from

Renovo has also designed a model for Audi.

Check out this new social media concept for an online shop: De 2 Hansjes sells second hand clothes and accessories on their Facebook page. The items go to the first Facebook user to comment “sold”.

Screenshot of De 2 Hansjes Facebook page.

Facebookers ask questions about the items untill someone posts "sold!"

Can blind people benefit from a sixth sense for navigation? Or can everybody? The Magnetic Perception Group from the University of Osnabrück developed an electronic compass belt that indicates north by vibrations.

Picture from

Never get lost again with the feelSpace belt.

Start from 22:20

Screenshot taken from

Click to watch program “Pavlov: Vincent Bijlo” (in Dutch).

How hard can it be? Flying a house with balloons like in Pixar’s UP? Hard, but not impossible is what the National Geographic Channel shows us.

Picture taken from

Flying house on tv show "How Hard Can it Be?".

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