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Highlight of my cultural Sunday were the personal songs of Mondo Leone. Playing on his guitar he treated us with his short stories and trivial insights in his thoughts. Turning the small things of everyday life into preciously wrapped secrets with his humour.

One secret I dare reveal, so you’ll know why the news will one day mention inexplicable wearing of the rails between Utrecht and Den Bosch:

Hendrix Huisje from

Lots of other secrets are to be found on Leone’s website! With his songs in front of this small crowd, this performance was like a gathering around a bard who shared his oral knowledge gathered during his travels.

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Photo’s from Cultural Sunday photo gallery.

Other must haves that attracted attention by touring the city were:

  • the silent band (Stille Fanfare), who could have been more silent if they had eliminated the rhythm of their marching
  • the exuberant urban safari with their large trail of sightseeing tourists running to follow in their wake

My first hunt for scrolls playing TrailHit started with a difficulty: boxes were dispersed neatly in walking distance, but on the map I was displayed two streets off!

This made it very confusing to get my head around where I to walk to reach the right street on the map. A combination of exhaustive multi-tasking and feeling uncomfortably disconnected with my environment.

Picture taken from TrailHit website.

I wanted some more luck in precise GPS communication.

I came into the right spirit of writing a research proposal for my PhD application with these post-its that scream colour.

Picture taken by myself.

Colourful post-its make the application process both structured and fun.

The PhD project focuses on research on digital cartographies, which ties in neatly with my research on digital space and navigation in games and game rules.

An afternoon of strolling through the park to see the work that had been done on the new overpass at the 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht.

Picture by Ramon Mosterd, taken from

Streets without cars at the overpass increased the eerie atmosphere. (This spirit was captured on camera by Ramon Mosterd from De Nieuwe Utrechter).

Not the most relaxed of activities as we were followed around by zombies. Leading to frantic checking of my phone and being startled by its vibrations. The zombies were part of the game Zombie, Run.

Picture taken from Google Play website.

The red zombies are the ones to watch out for, they are on to you!

Although they were not too fast (I set them to a calm 2mph to match the weekend spirit, and they listened), or smart (not attempting to close in on us as we admired the construction work), they got me in the end.

One of them was waiting on the street just before our house. No chance to escape as it is bordered by water on two sides.

It ate my brains…

Screenshot taken from

The six badges I earned after one afternoon of coding.

Codecadamy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.”

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