An afternoon of strolling through the park to see the work that had been done on the new overpass at the 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht.

Picture by Ramon Mosterd, taken from

Streets without cars at the overpass increased the eerie atmosphere. (This spirit was captured on camera by Ramon Mosterd from De Nieuwe Utrechter).

Not the most relaxed of activities as we were followed around by zombies. Leading to frantic checking of my phone and being startled by its vibrations. The zombies were part of the game Zombie, Run.

Picture taken from Google Play website.

The red zombies are the ones to watch out for, they are on to you!

Although they were not too fast (I set them to a calm 2mph to match the weekend spirit, and they listened), or smart (not attempting to close in on us as we admired the construction work), they got me in the end.

One of them was waiting on the street just before our house. No chance to escape as it is bordered by water on two sides.

It ate my brains…