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To my very surprise, there are spots in the Netherlands where wild camping is allowed. The Dutch Forestry offers several terrains where you can pitch your tent for free. A pump supplies water for washing or cooking (boil before drinking) and the sites are big enough for three tents. Stay for a maximum of 3 days.


The sign at the poles explains the wild camping rules.

We enjoyed this luxury for an overnight stay during our practice hike for the upcoming Fjällräven Classic. Luckily our neighbour warned us about the mice jumping up and down all over the camp. So our breakfast was saved, hanging in the trees, but some of our empty backpacks were gnawed on.

Visiting a very big Carrefour, I was surprised to see the amount of recycling bins at the entrance. I had time to notice because I was early – supermarkets in France appear to open later than at home, at 8.30am – but even so, they were hard to miss.

The regular bins for batteries, paper and plastic were there. But these were accompanied by special bins for mobile phones and small domestic appliances!

Screenshot from

Doing green in the Carrefour supermarkets.

A sight never seen in the Netherlands. We have to go to different locations to neatly get rid of all of these things. Which reminds me that I still have to cycle to the communal waste site to dispose my pile of broken devices…

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