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Just came home from my parents, a bike ride away. Halfway between Nieuwegein and Utrecht it started raining. Once home, still raining, I decided to browse the internet. Came across this blog post on bicycle routes in Utrecht: the road I just took!

Once the sun is shining and these plans are realised, the route will be even better in the future…

Click on the picture to see the whole 30 minute bike ride by Urban Trajectories.

Click on the picture to see the whole 30 minute bike ride by Urban Trajectories.

The project Urban Trajectories by Aorta Architectuurcentrum (center for architecture) is researching the bike routes people take on their commute from and to Utrecht.

Video about the project by Urban Trajectories(in Dutch):

I read that there is an exhibition about the project at Architectuurcentrum Aorta until 27 September. Seems well worth a visit.

Attach a Tile to your keys, wallet or bag and you will never have to look for them again. If you do not know where you put the item, you can make it beep with the Tile app. If it is further from home, it can be located by other Tile users that pick up its signal.

Fulfills some of the whishes I had for the locating technology I set out to create for my HCI class from Coursera.

Publisher of story books for children Clavis Uitgeverij hold open days for illustrators in their offices in Hasselt and Amsterdam.

Robbe vanbinnen en vanbuiten and Robbe van top tot teen by Peter Teunissen, Uitgeverij Clavis.

Work of illustrator Peter Teunissen for Uitgeverij Clavis.

The dates for 2013:

  • 7 March (Hasselt, Belgium)
  • 12 March (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • 5 September (Hasselt, Belgium)
  • 10 September (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Aspiring artists can show their portfolio of illustrations for children without appointment between 10-17h. They will receive helpful tips and feedback on their work and the chance to convince the publisher of their talent.

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