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Watched a game of Pong yesterday on this amazing 3D cinema set at Festival de Beschaving.

TV Wartburg is made by Tristan Kruithof who took a classic 311 and removed 60 cm from its width and then installed a cinematic system on its roof.

TV Wartburg is made by Tristan Kruithof who took a classic 311 and removed 60 cm from its width and then installed a cinematic system on its roof.

The installation is called Tv Wartburg – the mobile cinematic groover. In the video below you can see how Pong was played at another festival. Pong was created by fieldOfView.

Publisher of story books for children Clavis Uitgeverij hold open days for illustrators in their offices in Hasselt and Amsterdam.

Robbe vanbinnen en vanbuiten and Robbe van top tot teen by Peter Teunissen, Uitgeverij Clavis.

Work of illustrator Peter Teunissen for Uitgeverij Clavis.

The dates for 2013:

  • 7 March (Hasselt, Belgium)
  • 12 March (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
  • 5 September (Hasselt, Belgium)
  • 10 September (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Aspiring artists can show their portfolio of illustrations for children without appointment between 10-17h. They will receive helpful tips and feedback on their work and the chance to convince the publisher of their talent.

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Dresses at the International Flamenco Fashion Show. Part of the Salón
Internacional de la Moda Flamenca (SIMOF) that is held this year for the 19th time in Sevilla, Spain.

These flamenco dresses are not dance costumes, but robes that are worn during celebrations (Feria) in Andalucia. The fashion show features haute couture clothes made by designers. They would be worn by Spanish celebrities and high society ladies. For prêt-à-porter versions, look for “trajes de flamenca” on the internet.

February 1st was the beginning of the Vegan Challenge in the Netherlands. The Dutch Organisation for Veganism and Viva las Vega’s dare anyone to participate and eat and live naturally for one month.

Picture from

The Vegan Challenge is on the whole month of February.

I was vegan for three years between 2007 and 2010. But I turned back to being a full-time vegetarian because finding food alternatives when eating out with others cost me too much energy.

I do still enjoy the things I learned during this time and support the ideal of a balanced consumer pattern. So I decided to monitor my vegan/vegetarian footprint during the Vegan Challenge month.

This is how I did the first week:

Friday (35% vegan)

Breakfast: soy yoghurt and muesli (honey free)

Dinner: used soy yoghurt instead of cream in the sweet bread recipe for desert

Saturday (70% vegan)

Breakfast: soy yoghurt and muesli (honey free)

Shopping: visited vegetarian shoe shop Vega-Life in Amsterdam and bought a new pair from Vegetarian Shoes

Dinner: in the Amsterdam Library with a vegan friend, fries with tomato ketchup and a salad without animal products

Desert: ginger flavoured dark chocolate

Sunday (60% vegan)

Breakfast: soy yoghurt and muesli (honey free)

Dinner: Indian tomato curry with rice, papadums and mango chutney

Monday (55% vegan)

Breakfast: soy yoghurt and muesli (honey free)

Shopping: soy yoghurt was sold out in the supermarket (by people in the Challenge?) so I eat real yoghurt for the rest of the week. Bought “blue mice” (a sugar and aniseed sprinkle Dutch people put on bread) because the blue and white version was promoted to be free of animal food colouring by the Vegan Challenge. Bought organic, vegetarian cheese.

Picture from

Biscuit with “blauwe muisjes”

Dinner: vegetables, baked potatoes with a Tuscan vegetarian with dairy

Tuesday (20% vegan)

Dinner: salad, vegetables and Corn fritters (with egg)

Wednesday (10% vegan)

Shopping: bought washing detergent and softener and maple syrup at the organic supermarket (good for the planet!)

Dinner: pizza with cheese

Thursday (10% vegan)

Desert: made a fruit juice from the Nike Training Center recipe I earned doing my work-outs

Result: 37% vegan this week!

Going into town to shop for a present I could not have asked for more. A market with homemade stuff, right there for me on Utrecht’s Mariaplaats! Smiling from top to toe, I browsed all the stalls. The regular gift shops just could not compete! I bought a bright sushi necklace for my friend and some other presents just for me.

Picture taken by me.

Button hair clips by Drops of Art and map envelopes.

I met initiator Sanne Bloem at her booth who told me all about how she set up this Zelfgemaakte markt. Next market days are 29 September and 15 December 2012 on the Mariaplaats.

Today’s catch:

Picture taken from

Sushi necklace by Minininja.

Highlight of my cultural Sunday were the personal songs of Mondo Leone. Playing on his guitar he treated us with his short stories and trivial insights in his thoughts. Turning the small things of everyday life into preciously wrapped secrets with his humour.

One secret I dare reveal, so you’ll know why the news will one day mention inexplicable wearing of the rails between Utrecht and Den Bosch:

Hendrix Huisje from

Lots of other secrets are to be found on Leone’s website! With his songs in front of this small crowd, this performance was like a gathering around a bard who shared his oral knowledge gathered during his travels.

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Photo’s from Cultural Sunday photo gallery.

Other must haves that attracted attention by touring the city were:

  • the silent band (Stille Fanfare), who could have been more silent if they had eliminated the rhythm of their marching
  • the exuberant urban safari with their large trail of sightseeing tourists running to follow in their wake

The “a Christmas present for you” networking event worked out great! Utrecht Network organised this opportunity for freelancers to receive a present of their own. The Christmas present or “hamper” is something Dutch employees usually get from their boss before the Holidays, as a thank you for the hard work of that year (promoted by a advantageous tax rule). Being their own employer, freelancers miss out.

Those hungry for a box filled with goodies came to Huis aan de Werf to have a chat, some soup and to exchange their home-made present with someone else.

Picture taken by myself.
Picture taken by myself.

Top: my mystery box.
Bottom: Festive surprise in return.

I was spoiled by a poetress/marketing advisor who gave me her box filled with delicious food sprinkled with short, feel-good poems. Thank you so much!

I was there: Club evening November 30 in Utrecht. A modern Fight Club, De Club is a bit of a mystery: fighting allowed, meeting others obligatory, discussing a social society inevitable. The meeting involved physical activity, meditation, discussion and lots of surprises!

Logo from De Club website.

By attending the evening, I became a member of the Club. I can now participate and organise initiatives to interact in public spaces.

The Club, network looking for a social society.

Take someone’s toy on a trip and photograph it with your analogue camera. That was the objective of the analogue summer project. The expo took place on a sunny autumn day in the very centre of Utrecht in a cellar under an ancient bridge. Pleasant extra: souvenirs and soundtracks on walkman accompanied you while admiring the results.

Picture taken from

The photographed objects.

Went to Duetten in Theater Kikker tonight:

Still making up my mind what to think of it. The performance concentrated on the communication through virtual bodies.

Some virtual bodies were quite inanimate, at least mine was. Upon entering the stage I heard “Strike a pose” but didn’t really know what to do, or dare to do it. This night’s public could not successfully find out what to do with the chair sensors, so interaction with the performer, Keyna Nara, faltered.

Beautiful set-up though with the picture booth and projection screens… loved that.

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