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“Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better.” The Fun Theory made it happen in Stockholm where they transformed a public staircase into a piano.

I noticed the video on One World today. It reminded me of my post on the urban games by Everdien Breken. She created hopscotch for children and adults, well everyone, on the streets.

Another fun one:

The Fun Theory is an initiative of Volkswagen to find concepts that can change people’s behaviour for the better.

Limbo is a game that is both cute and sinister. Combined with the uncomplicated controls (left, right, down, up and action) this makes for fantastic gameplay.

Game overs are gruesome but not ruthless. You get respawned just before your mistake at a location that might give you a better view on the task.

The game made me think of a children’s television series:

Screenshot taken from

Animated series “Stories of the angry witch” (click to watch).

My first hunt for scrolls playing TrailHit started with a difficulty: boxes were dispersed neatly in walking distance, but on the map I was displayed two streets off!

This made it very confusing to get my head around where I to walk to reach the right street on the map. A combination of exhaustive multi-tasking and feeling uncomfortably disconnected with my environment.

Picture taken from TrailHit website.

I wanted some more luck in precise GPS communication.

An afternoon of strolling through the park to see the work that had been done on the new overpass at the 24 Oktoberplein in Utrecht.

Picture by Ramon Mosterd, taken from

Streets without cars at the overpass increased the eerie atmosphere. (This spirit was captured on camera by Ramon Mosterd from De Nieuwe Utrechter).

Not the most relaxed of activities as we were followed around by zombies. Leading to frantic checking of my phone and being startled by its vibrations. The zombies were part of the game Zombie, Run.

Picture taken from Google Play website.

The red zombies are the ones to watch out for, they are on to you!

Although they were not too fast (I set them to a calm 2mph to match the weekend spirit, and they listened), or smart (not attempting to close in on us as we admired the construction work), they got me in the end.

One of them was waiting on the street just before our house. No chance to escape as it is bordered by water on two sides.

It ate my brains…

Gamestar Mechanic: A game to teach 9-15 year olds about games. It is a media literacy education tool, as well as a great way to train children to think analytically and to design their own games. It can be used as part of the curriculum in schools.

Children do not have to learn to code, an obstacle when they want to start making games. Instead they play a character that wants to become a game designer.

In the story, the aspiring designer is presented with broken levels because there is a rogue game designer at work. Through these levels, students are presented with game mechanics: Why are certain levels challenging to play, while others are no fun? How do you solve problems in games?

The game was developed at the Institute of Play, home to game expert Katie Salen.

Do toys become more fun as you make them smaller? Yes, they do! And cuter too, as this nanoblock alpaca illustrates.

Picture taken by me.

Take note of the pen in the foreground for size.

Creationary is one of LEGO’s new games. It is a Pictionary game in which you build instead of draw. Playing against children or against adults was a totally different experience!

Lego's creationary

Creationary in the box.

Start with the easiest levels, keeping the best for last
Take pleasure from the build, even if their subject is not guessed correctly
Change teams or continue alone once team members leave
Did not notice that the adults forgot to award points to successful builders, proud as they were when their subject was guessed.

Go for the higher levels, to challenge others and earn themselves more points
Get frustrated when their subject is guessed too fast
Are so concentrated on building that they do not hear correct guesses
Want to practice before playing to learn how to produce sophisticated builds
Discussed changing the rules to make the game more fair/fun

Eyecandy on Monobanda’s new website:

Fonn from Monobanda on Vimeo.

Bohm Teaser from Monobanda on Vimeo.

Their Mimicry game shares characteristics with Animaatje as a sandbox game.

Today in Metro: a serious game to help patients relax at the dentist. The game is called Teeth Defender and was developed by students from the Technical University of Delft.

Image by Darwin Bell on

Wide open!

… and it did. I first noticed up and coming game ibb&obb at Indigo showcase 2010. It stood out by its attractive graphics and simple yet innovative gameplay: two players control a character in an inverse world with opposite gravity. They advance in the game by working together.

This looked like a smart game concept that could reach great heights. The game landed again in my mind when I read today’s De Pers (page 19): ibb&obb made it to the Playstation Network.

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