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One of the things that is engraved in my memory is the majestic panorama during the first 4 days of walking the Overland Track. Mountain tops stood as clear landmarks telling where I was going and where I had been. Walking over the plateaus it felt like being on top of the world.

Barn Bluff came into sight after climbing past Cradle Mountain on the first day and was visible until day 5 at Mount Ossa. Mount Oakleigh was visible from the second day until leaving the Pelion Plains Hut at day 5.

Picture taken by me.

Day 4: Barn Bluff on the left and Mt Oakleigh in the foreground on the right.


    • Yi-Fu Tuan writes about reference points in the environment which help regain orientation when someone is lost (in “Space and Place: The Perspective of Experience” 1977, p. 69-72).
      Georgia Leigh McGregor has written about landmarks in ‘backdrops’ in games that help players navigate through the game space (in “Situations of Play: Patterns of Spatial Use in Videogames” 2007, p. 534).
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