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Tonight at Setup, Mash Up The Battle took place. Debaters took place in a boxing ring to fight about actual media topics. From copyright laws (auteurswet), to the internet of things, to a round on a national filter against child porn.

The two debaters in this round were Daphne van der Kroft (Bits of Freedom) against Marleen de Pater (CDA). This resulted in a fierce discussion between Bits of Freedom’s argument that a filter would not have much effect and CDA’s vision that the Dutch deserved protection from this type of disgusting content.

A sneaky way to apply censorship? Why should we be protected from that what we never accidentaly meet online? Why not better hunt the ones who do search for it or place it online? Should we be afraid for a move towards a Chinese situation? Is this really necessary? Horrifying as the problem might be, my stance would be in favour of freedom.

Flyer of the Mash Up The battle event at Setup Utrecht.

This sense of a life free of surveillance came back, in a humorous way, in an article on a new art project in Utrecht on the website of Journalistiekfabriek. Foucault’s panopticum meets Hitchcocks birds in the panopticons. If I happen to see any of the spying birds in town, I will try to capture them on camera and place my own picture here. Hope they don’t catch me first!

Camera sea-gull comfortably sitting down to spy on us.

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