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Tested out some projects at the inspiration meeting/ open day of Waag Society’s Creative Learning Lab:

Games Atelier

During the afternoon we went across the bridge to play a GPS game at the Java Island. Being just short of phones, I shared one with a visitor who was interested in the technique because she worked with teenagers who had difficulties with learning.

The route was laid out as a free play along multiple locations with 7Scenes. Taking pictures and answering questions about the surrounding we moved along the streets. Getting into the game spirit, we tried to avoid other players when asking pedestrians for answers, while attempting to take a look at the actions of our competitors to learn what we had to do next.

Photo's that were uploaded during the play-time.

In sharing the phone, my teammate was more than happy to let me to the trial-and-error process of finding out the workings of the program. It was quite clear, although we did miss some points in not answering the question when trying to edit an answer or taking a picture. In the mean time she could imagine how her students would do the same.

We experienced some euphoria when at the end of the twenty minutes we discovered we were one of the groups with the most points.

Animaatje (Zand 2.0)

Drawing in the sand, following its relief, letting animated dots follow your tracks and all this is presented as a do-it-yourself device complete with manual and downloadable software. Intriguing how you can make a three dimensional drawing after building towers and holes in the sand.

Drawing in the sand with Animaatje.

Mijn naam is Haas
“My name is Hare” is a serious game that can aid children from 4-6 years in learning a language through exploring Hare’s world. I was thrilled by the easiness of drawing in numerous animals and plants into his surrounding, though wondering about the stimulation of children’s creativity: what would happen if they would be able to draw in trees and birds of their own choice and shapes?

Impression of Mijn naam is Haas.

After overcoming some nerves about breaking the device, I enjoyed the interaction of ScratchWorx, especially playing with the visuals. Looking up and down at my own mix-table screens and buttons and at the screen, I was able to experiment with and find out about the possibilities.

Impression of projected visuals and device.

Cinekid was present at the IPON congress for education and ICT, with their interactive studio.

I was interviewed by my friend in front of a green screen, dressed for the jungle, about the elephants in the background (Presenteren kun je leren). Underneath you see an example of a girl playing with the installation.

We made a short stop motion film with the ready to hand Lego figures and toy dinosaur (Stop! Motion!).

Cinekidstudio webpage with Stop!Motion! gallery.

And we decorated ourselves by angling funny attributes to our body with the help of fluorescent pink post-its (Digital puppetry). This installation is explained in the following clip.

Star of the exposition was SMALLab (Situated Multimedia Art Learning Lab), a mixed-reality learning installation which can be used to bring mathematics and science classes to life.

SMALLab and some of the other installations I have not mentioned yet are featured in this item of the Dutch youth news program:

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