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Amazing game that I just finished which gives a great feeling of freedom from running on roof tops and jumping from building to building. So is there liberty to do whatever you want in the game world as a player or are you constrained by the architecture? Yes, the buildings enforce the rules of the game in dialogue with the level design prescribing a path through the world of corporate skyscrapers.

Rare image of Mirror's Edge, showing heroine Faith's reflection.

Or does the programmed code that dictates player actions also give room for experimentation and consequently subversive routes? You would think so, looking at this speed run video made by one player:

These guys can do magic! Question is: are all these shortcuts designed by the designers or are some unforeseen? To me, at least the coil jumping while running to reach top speed that is performed here gives the impression of being an accidental circumstance (i.e. not planned to be a faster running method by the developers).

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