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Great “how to” website which teaches you step by step to make it yourself. From things you cannot do without to stuff you had never thought about but will make your life so much better.

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A Product Design student came up with the wonderfully simple idea to create a product that is flexible and durable enough so that it can be used to change or repair ordinary products. From tea mugs to bikes to laptops. It can be done, and what’s even better: Sugru comes in many colours of the rainbow so it will automatically liven up whatever your repair.

Sugru is like clay, but it has a silicone component, making it waterproof, solid but still flexible at room temperature, and self-adhesive. Underneath you see a sum-up of its benefits together with some hack ideas:

Sugru benefits

Remarkable is that a large amount of the inspiratory photo’s in the gallery show how users have applied Sugru to make something prettier or recognisable. Not so much ‘hacking things better’ as doing handicrafts decorating.

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