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Check out this new social media concept for an online shop: De 2 Hansjes sells second hand clothes and accessories on their Facebook page. The items go to the first Facebook user to comment “sold”.

Screenshot of De 2 Hansjes Facebook page.

Facebookers ask questions about the items untill someone posts "sold!"

Went to Duetten in Theater Kikker tonight:

Still making up my mind what to think of it. The performance concentrated on the communication through virtual bodies.

Some virtual bodies were quite inanimate, at least mine was. Upon entering the stage I heard “Strike a pose” but didn’t really know what to do, or dare to do it. This night’s public could not successfully find out what to do with the chair sensors, so interaction with the performer, Keyna Nara, faltered.

Beautiful set-up though with the picture booth and projection screens… loved that.

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