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Ran into this shirt at the Vega Life shop in Amsterdam:

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Because all girls want to wear a fox around their neck?

I told a friend who commented that she had seen knitted foxes that refer to actual fox furs in fashion:

Picture taken from - beeskneesknitting.

Knit your own fox – pattern by beeskneesknitting.

Later, at yoga class, I saw a girl wearing this tribute to Björk:

Picture taken from sheinside.

Shirt with swan print from SheInside.

So, what do we make of these? A tongue-in-cheek remark at our use of animals for fashion? Do the girls who wear them make a serious statement about the fashion industry? We could even say that you support the misuse of animals for beauty, because you approve of the idea to wear animals. Or are they just very cute?


Guaranteed slave free fashion by i-did in Utrecht.

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Stone necklace from the i-did webshop

The clothes label is featured in an article by De Pers.

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