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Have you ever had the experience of coming home around dinner time and smelling delicious aromas? Of a meal you would be very happy to eat right now? Upon reaching your own door however, the odour has faded. Against your hopes, your neighbours are having a wonderful dinner and you still have to cook yourself.

All of this can be over if you visit the website “Home Take Away” (Thuis afgehaald). Home cooks in your own neighbourhood offer food cooked with love for pick up against a small price. An efficient way of using ingredients, an opportunity to learn new recipes, and to meet the people who live close to you.

It’s time to connect those tasty aromas to a door near you!

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Home Take Away – Sharing meals with those around you.

Thuisafgehaald was founded by Marieke Hart.

Graduation project of Jihyun Ryou who regretted the loss of traditional knowledge about our food. We entrust the process of storing nutritional goods to the refrigerator, with devastating effects on the products. Retrieving instructions on how to store certain types of food best, she made this traditional oral knowledge visible again through these food racks.

Save food from the regrigerator - Jihyun Ryou

Five food racks to store fruits, spices, root vegetables, eggs, potatoes and apples.

These pictures of their fresh design alone already provide straightforward instructions on how to save your food from the fridge. Very insightful even without physically having them in your kitchen.

Still, two questions come up in my mind:

  • Is this clever solution not resolving the responsibility of keeping this knowledge to a device again (albeit much less black-boxed than the refrigerator)?
  • Would this new physical shape of traditional oral knowledge come to life in an active oral form, one that evaluates and re-shapes the old knowledge to new demands?
Fruitbowl with knowledge

Fruit in this fruit bowl stays fresh through humidity.

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