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Cinekid was present at the IPON congress for education and ICT, with their interactive studio.

I was interviewed by my friend in front of a green screen, dressed for the jungle, about the elephants in the background (Presenteren kun je leren). Underneath you see an example of a girl playing with the installation.

We made a short stop motion film with the ready to hand Lego figures and toy dinosaur (Stop! Motion!).

Cinekidstudio webpage with Stop!Motion! gallery.

And we decorated ourselves by angling funny attributes to our body with the help of fluorescent pink post-its (Digital puppetry). This installation is explained in the following clip.

Star of the exposition was SMALLab (Situated Multimedia Art Learning Lab), a mixed-reality learning installation which can be used to bring mathematics and science classes to life.

SMALLab and some of the other installations I have not mentioned yet are featured in this item of the Dutch youth news program:

Tweets (Dutch and English)