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Do toys become more fun as you make them smaller? Yes, they do! And cuter too, as this nanoblock alpaca illustrates.

Picture taken by me.

Take note of the pen in the foreground for size.

Creationary is one of LEGO’s new games. It is a Pictionary game in which you build instead of draw. Playing against children or against adults was a totally different experience!

Lego's creationary

Creationary in the box.

Start with the easiest levels, keeping the best for last
Take pleasure from the build, even if their subject is not guessed correctly
Change teams or continue alone once team members leave
Did not notice that the adults forgot to award points to successful builders, proud as they were when their subject was guessed.

Go for the higher levels, to challenge others and earn themselves more points
Get frustrated when their subject is guessed too fast
Are so concentrated on building that they do not hear correct guesses
Want to practice before playing to learn how to produce sophisticated builds
Discussed changing the rules to make the game more fair/fun

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