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The blog post by Bicycle Dutch, “Making a 1960s street grid fit for the 21st century”, nicely shows how the Dutch are making their cities bike friendly.

Picture by Utrecht Municipality

Urban street planning. “Left the original 1960s design, right the optically narrowed street with the centre line removed and with added cycle lanes.”

A video about the project:

Maps distorted by economic indicators visualise lack of balance in the world:

Picture taken from

GDP (wealth)

This picture is intuitive to understand: it shows an overweight US and Europe compared to very thin South America and Africa. Poorer countries are squeezed.

Picture taken from


The Poverty map is counter intuitive, as it shows just a skeleton of the Americas, Europe and Australia.

Just came home from my parents, a bike ride away. Halfway between Nieuwegein and Utrecht it started raining. Once home, still raining, I decided to browse the internet. Came across this blog post on bicycle routes in Utrecht: the road I just took!

Once the sun is shining and these plans are realised, the route will be even better in the future…

Click on the picture to see the whole 30 minute bike ride by Urban Trajectories.

Click on the picture to see the whole 30 minute bike ride by Urban Trajectories.

The project Urban Trajectories by Aorta Architectuurcentrum (center for architecture) is researching the bike routes people take on their commute from and to Utrecht.

Video about the project by Urban Trajectories(in Dutch):

I read that there is an exhibition about the project at Architectuurcentrum Aorta until 27 September. Seems well worth a visit.

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