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Taking a stroll through Dorrigo national park started with a bang: The newly installed skywalk offered a special treat in the form of a pre-installed photo tripod. It enabled me to take a picture of me, the group I was with and the scenery even when there was no one else around to lend a hand.

The device at Dorrigo national park with simple instructions.

One could say that this photo gadget spoils the fun of finding a beautiful spot for a picture yourself, but in this case the location surely invites visitors to take a picture at that exact point anyway. A skywalk that ends in a platform high above the rainforest offers the perfect background to your group picture.

Although the so called fotopols can be found in more places this was my first one and the day was misty spoiling the view. Thus, the picture of the gadget ended up to be more interesting than the actual picture it helped us take.

A series about outstanding places to sleep.

The first one is this tipi at Orara River, New South Wales, Australia:

Tipi accomodation

Tipi accommodation with swags and a warm fire inside.

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