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My eyes grew wide when I was confronted with Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Survival New Zealand – Southern Island episode. My partner who called me to the television had a questioning look on his face:

“Don’t you think this looks, uh, special?”

– “Well yes it does, we’ve been there!”

And have the footage to prove it. Watch this abstract of the show in which Bear follows a canyon to find civilisation:

Or skip immediately to 8.35 to compare with:

Big Nige drop.

And jump to 10:35 to compare with:

Big Nige abseil.

The New Zealand episode is from 8 July, 2011 and we visited in December 2010, so there’s no reasoning that Grylls was the first to discover the canyon at Lake Wanaka. Instead the tour organisation that facilitated our trip has probably helped him a little, removing the ropes for example.

Now skip back to the beginning of the clip and pause. The disclaimer reads:

“On some occasions, situations are presented to Bear so he can demonstrate survival techniques.”

We can be pretty sure he knew he was not risking his life when jumping down.

The second in the series on outstanding places to sleep. The Stargazer at Punakaiki, New Zealand:

Picture taken by myself

Stargazer hut with glass roof to gaze at the stars.

The stargazer can be rented at the Te Nikau Retreat.

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