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I was invited to a film screening of FOOD, Inc. tonight organised by a sustainable future interest group.

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KEENER is a group in the Kentish community that is concerned with climate change and sustainable energy.

The discussion that followed had an interesting international twist. My party added some nationalities: Swiss, French and Dutch myself, but the rest was from the Kentish area. Some of the locals remarked that the movie showed a very specific problem of the American food industry. I found that very remarkable, as the movie presents a very global problem to me. Also, I had caught myself comparing Australia to the US from time to time while enjoying the view on the road. How could this people feel so disconnected from American consumerism?

Two other things that stood out:
– We were set apart from the group as somewhat fanatic advocates of the movies ideas, being vegetarians or “Pflanzenfresser” as our host called us. Funny how this immediately influences your position.
– Steve from The Lost Seed explained us about his non-hybrid seeds. They produce plants that can be harvested for their seeds to plant again, something that is quite unusual nowadays.

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