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A story starts with the roll of the dice. At least it can with these Rory’s Story Cubes I ran into at Wonderful idea to stimulate children’s fantasy and get them talking.

Tell stories from the icons on the dice. A spark of imagination.

Tell stories from the icons on the dice. A spark of imagination.

It brings me back to the project at Waag Society to create digital building blocks for stories.


Time flies: I came across this blog that documents the progress of the StoryBOX project at Waag Society.

Things have changed drastically since I left for my travels to Australia. The unit now looks like a factory instead of blocks and incorporates handwriting.

Picture taken from
Picture taken from
Picture taken from

Playing with words in a factory of sounds.

Objective: Develop a tactile toy for children between 6-7 years to learn language. Allowing them to ‘catch’ and ‘order’ words. This is one of the results of an evening of brainstorming and paper prototyping:

Modular telescope prototype.

It is a tool that is made up of different modules, allowing the children to capture objects, showing them to their classmates and telling a story about them. Turning the closed tubes up and down facilitates guessing games based on the sound the caught treasure makes. Other parts allow the taking of photographs, or have a display to show the pictures that are taken. Combining different hollow containers (object in display-tube placed behind a window-part) creates a cumulative experience of several aspects of one object-word.

The module sizes allow the sliding of parts into each other, creating one single tube that can be easily carried with a strap on the back. Connecting the corresponding cylinders allows for the creation of a network (with branching elements) enabling a game of sending words (‘Chinese whisper’), sorting objects in different categories and racing games along the coloured path.

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