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Students at the Technical University of Munich have a fun way of being lazy. They don’t have to take the stairs or wait for an elevator to go to the ground floor. Instead, they use giant slides.

Slides out to the main hall at Technische Universität München.

Slides out to the main hall at Technische Universität München.

For the rest, the building looks slightly like a prison…

“Take the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator and feel better.” The Fun Theory made it happen in Stockholm where they transformed a public staircase into a piano.

I noticed the video on One World today. It reminded me of my post on the urban games by Everdien Breken. She created hopscotch for children and adults, well everyone, on the streets.

Another fun one:

The Fun Theory is an initiative of Volkswagen to find concepts that can change people’s behaviour for the better.

When I found out that today offered the possibility of playing an urban game, I could not say no to the event. And what a feast it was. Playing games like in the old days with your friends but without the pain of chalk fingers and chipped nails. Time to play hopscotch!

My friend Maja taking a turn.

Everdien Breken’s graduation project is just what I look for in a game. To be played outside, drawing in elements from the surrounding (people, architecture) to create the game, and with an eye on the engagement with rules as catalyst for actions and creativity. A project that connects nicely with my research plans that I mentioned before and therefore one worthwhile to follow.

The project is part of Everdien’s graduation for the HKU Fine Art programme. She aims at disturbing people’s everyday lives, if only for a few seconds, by confronting them with playful instances. She favours simple forms in her design.

This month’s Straatnieuws features a lengthy article on her work. Check the project site Spelen op straat (play on the street) for future games if you want to play along, or be surprised by other chalk games that you run into by coincidence.

Reward button after playing (I play along!).

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